I wanted to look myself at the mirron and feel I was beautiful.

I wanted to go to that meeting with those important people and I needed to be confident.

I wanted to love myself, to get out from those horrible years of letting myself gone, fotgetting how wonderfull I was… All I needed was inside me. All I needed, was recognise myself and start loving myself.

So I started this beautiful work with women and lingerie. Each piece is destinated to serve Woman Sensuality.

For mothers, for lovers, for sisters, for dougthers, for youngers for maternity, for sport women, for this women how are around a desease…

Give us your sensual desire… we make them come true. Because Sensuality is one of the most powerful cure for Women

My name is Trinidad Aguilar and I would like to serve you.


Handmade in Ibiza

sujetadores adaptables Ibiza



 WoBra from Woman Bra, the bra for all women.

WoBra shows a new concept of lingerie. It is created to fit any woman in the world.

With a delicated design and a good pattern WoBra is a bra made in two pieces that you put together through a innovated and patented button system.

In one side you have cups. An excellent pattern permits a good restraint of your breast without putting pressure on it. We don´t use hoops. We love natural women shapes.

On Cups bottom there are some buttons that permit you to assemble cup to underbust.

On the other side you have underbust. They are elastic with holes that permit you to assemble to cups.

Underbust is our favourite piece to the imagination. You can combine any of our underbust with any of our cups as you desire.

Straps have buttons also, so you can adjust them to each backline. Put in the middle back, hire on the side back, cross them…

We use soft Italian lace with elastic that makes good fitting joined to the pattern.

We take care of any details of the products and the production.

We produce mostly in Ibiza and we use european fabrics.


Advantage of WoBra

Adjustable: no hoops, natural restraint. Cup Size from A to DD

Design: combine pieces bra as you desiere through the button system

Versatility: you can make any combination from simple style to a sofisticated style just in one touch.

Sensuality everyday.

Patent design.

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