Cube knickers


To balance your first chakra, to connect yourself with the earth element we recommend you work with the sacred geometry cube

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In energy or holistic therapies, sacred geometry is a very powerful healing and transmutation tool. They are original energetic structures that recompose and balance when they enter our visual field, wherever there is an imbalance. Creating garments, and above all, second-skin garments such as lingerie, with high-vibration structures, either through prints or incorporating specific elements or cuts, has become an objective of the brand. Those creating conscious high-vibration garments that add a plus to our soul, our evolution and our emotional well-being.

Trinidades presents this line of conscious, seamless bikini bottoms. Where their prints channel a sacred geometry and different elements that help raise the vibration, balance our chakras and emotions.

Each panties is accompanied by a meditation card with the geometry stamped. Where it is indicated how to meditate visualizing the geometry and its function.

Two types of pattern: regular or Brazilian.

The collection consists of 5 models, according to the five Platonic solids: the cube, the isocahedron, the octahedron, the tetrahedron and the dodecahedron.

The cube works with the earth element and the first chakra. In the meditation card it is specified exactly how to meditate and work with this sacred geometry.

Material: 90%PE 10%AE

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